Educational Trips

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Educational trips provide wonderful opportunities for students to undergo experiences that are not usually available in the classroom. Trips help to develop a pupil's investigative skills, and residential trips in particular encourage greater independence. They usually focus on particular units of study being followed within the classroom and reinforce facts and skills learned.

Residential Programmes

Our residential programme is a central part of our curriculum designed to nurture student leadership and to develop the personal and social skills that are essential for your child to become a successful adult. From Year 3 onwards all students participate in at least one residential programme during each academic year. We start with an overnight stay at school and progress in Year 6 to a series of full weeks away. We also offer the opportunity for our senior students to extend themselves through engaging in the International Award (Duke of Edinburgh Award) at bronze, silver and gold levels. These experiences outside the classroom provide students with the chance to explore different communities and cultures, to be challenged through outward-bound and physically demanding activities and to grow as individuals. We support our students to take calculated risks, work in challenging environments and undertake unfamiliar personal challenges. We also aim for your children to recognise the value in both supporting and being supported by others. These activities outside the classroom are central to building resilient and self-motivated individuals who are prepared to embrace the challenges life sends their way.


International Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (‘the Award’) is open to all 14-24 year olds. The Award is about personal development and enables young people to learn practical and social skills that are valuable to their personal and professional development.

Taking part in the Award offers young people formal recognition for their achievements and is seen by many educational institutions and employers as a valuable development programme that equips young people with practical and social skills".

For more information about the award please contact Richard Hunt and view the website below: