House System

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The British School Manila house system is designed to encourage all students from Key Stage 1 to IB to develop a sense of belonging/pride in their House by participating in extra-curricular activities, ranging from Creative events, action events, academic events and service activities. Some events will involve the whole school and others will be a year group activity.

The school is divided into three Houses:

Luzon (Green)
Visayas (Red)
Mindanao (Yellow)

All students and staff are allocated into one of three Houses.

The House system is led by three student House Captains. They are supported by their deputies. Teachers and support staff assist the students, thus creating a structure of support, direction and leadership.

The system provides everyone with the opportunity to participate, irrespective of ability. All students can offer support and encouragement even if they are not directly taking part. There are opportunities to take part in collaborative team events as well as individual tasks. The vertical structure across Key Stages and ages allows students to engage in activities with others outside their own year group. Role models set by senior members are vital in helping perpetuate the ethos of the system.

The objective for each House is to win the annual House cup. There is also the incentive of winning the termly Shield. This gives all Houses the chance of winning a term regardless of who wins the annual House Cup.

It is hoped that a good-natured rivalry will be achieved to see who will be the overall winner of the year. Points towards this prize will be accumulated from various competitions throughout the year.

The awarding of Learning Power House points is a reward system that runs throughout the whole of the school and it exists as an incentive to allow each student to contribute to the House competition within their everyday lives at school.

Belonging to a House helps to foster a sense of team spirit, self worth and cohesiveness in all students. Positive relationship's are formed across all year levels and this forms an extra layer in the school’s pastoral system.