Student Leadership

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At BSM we value the opinions, thoughts and ideas of our students. We have a large number of student leadership roles that provide opportunities for them to both lead and represent their peers, sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions on school functionality and development. However, this is not the limit of our commitment to developing leadership skills in our students. For all students this starts with providing opportunities to lead their own learning. We also see leadership as important for all students and is a focus both within the delivered curriculum, particularly evident in PE and PSHE, and also in our co-curricular and education outside the classroom provision. While we do not expect all students to lead and/or become leaders, we do believe and act upon the fact that developing these skills will support their preparation for life in the 21st Century.


Primary School Leadership

Leadership is one of the elements of our skills based curriculum that facilitates many opportunities for students to take on this role within a classroom. There are many collaborative tasks during a typical school week and leadership is an expectation in these situations.  A number of challenging real life projects provide further opportunity for authentic leadership roles with students using rubrics for self assessment and peer assessment. The rubrics are written to demonstrate steps to exemplary group leadership.

In a more formal capacity some students get to sit on the primary student council. The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and the school management. They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform. Alongside this, they help run lunchtime activities for the students to participate in and aim to make the school an enjoyable and fun place.


Senior School Leadership

Leadership is a driving force that appears at every juncture. Taking a leading role early in their educational journey prepares students for the wider world in a safe and positive environment. Students are often taken from their comfort zone and into their proximal zone by immersing themselves in new initiatives and challenges. Leadership opportunities include a ‘buddy’ system to help new students settle into life at BSM; a Year 7 leadership programme, where students develop leadership skills through work with their service partner; through PE lessons, where Year 10 students are equipped with skills required to plan, deliver and evaluate a sporting event. Many leadership opportunities are built into other areas of the curriculum and the extra-curricular programme.

We have a very strong and active Student Leadership team consisting of the Head Students, Deputy-Head Students, Heads of Student Council, Heads of Global Awareness, Heads of Service Learning, House Captains, Winston Editors, and Sports Captains. The student leaders assist in running groups that allow opinions from the student body to be clearly communicated to the school, serving as a liaison between the students and staff. The Head students manage other aspects of student leadership, including the prefect team and peer mentor team. Senior School Assemblies and a range of house activities are also organised by this team. This team aim to inspire, nurture and aid other students in developing confidence in themselves, so they may step forward and take a more proactive role in their learning, in their acceptance of responsibility, and in their own leadership of themselves.