Book Week 2017

This week BSM has been buzzing with reading-related activities. Areas throughout the school have been transformed into creative spaces that inspire and promote the love, fun and importance of reading for people of all ages. With Global Citizenship as the core theme, books and activities were chosen to promote reading as a window to the world. Starting in our own backyard, a reading history of the Philippines was presented by Old Manila Walks Tour guide, Mr Binondo himself, Anson Yu. Children also had the chance to learn more about Baybayin script, the oldest form of writing known in the Philippines.

Children and families alike have had many opportunities to participate throughout the week. All Primary classes engaged via Skype with authors from around the world, to discuss their year groups’ chosen book.  The Big Read saw children, parents and teddy bears converge on the Don Jones field to enjoy some early morning reading. “Snuggle up and read” and “reading in the dark” proved very popular with the children, allowing them to utilise the items on their packing list. Children have also been making their way through the various book trails around school, using QR codes to listen to stories read by teachers and challenged to identify which teacher voice was reading each page.

As our Vision and Mission states;

“We aim to develop students as global citizens who are equipped with skills, understanding and values to be able and willing to contribute positively to their world. We achieve this through collaboration between our families, the school and our students.”

What our students thought:

It’s not scary to read in the dark. I want to do it again! - Toby

I like the storytelling with the big kids. The caterpillar story was my favourite. - Sonia

The crazy story tellers made me laugh so hard. - Nicholas

I loved reading with my mum on the field. - Amira

I enjoyed reading on the Don Jones field because I was with my friends and it was nice to be able to read together somewhere different. - Sarah

Book week 2017 has been extraordinary! We have enjoyed all of the activities but the one that truly inspired us was our Year 5 Skype interview with Oliver Balch - a freelance journalist who has written many articles for the Guardian newspaper on sustainability. - Frankie and Tia

Our favourite thing about book week was buddy reading with the children in EYFS. We liked this because it felt nostalgic thinking about when we used to be that age and also we thought they were cute. We were impressed with how engaged they were but felt embarrassed reading in funny voices. -  Collective quotes from Year 6