BSM Curriculum Evenings

“BSM will be a learning community where all members have a desire to be lifelong learners and strive for excellence...We achieve this through collaboration between our families, the school and our students.”

- BSM Vision and Mission

At our primary Parent Curriculum Evenings this week, it was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance. The commitment and interest parents show in their child/ren’s education are key indicators of success. Collaboration and community are central to our vision and mission.


At last week’s assembly we looked at what it means to be part of a community, with our students telling us about respecting everyone and their rights, caring and supporting others in the community, and valuing our rich diversity.

As a learning community, we work in partnership with families and welcome them as part of the BSM family. Evenings like this give families a clear understanding of our pedagogical beliefs and the specific learning journeys their child/ren will take this year. They can also informally meet specialist teachers and ask about the broader programmes.

After chatting with teachers, trying out some maths and English challenges, reading a book, and admiring primary art or playing a musical instrument, the audience then listened to our Head of Primary School outlined our pedagogical beliefs as a school, unpack our Vision and Mission statement and reference the ideas and research that underpin our practice at BSM. 

He then focused on the brain and learning with the key take away message “the power to increase your abilities lies largely within your own control”, referencing “Make it Stick” by Peter C. Brown on the science of learning. This means that having a positive growth Mindset (Professor Carol Dweck), embracing challenges and mistakes and giving it all you’ve got, every time, is paramount.

Students driving their own learning and taking responsibility is we foster in all of our students. Challenge is an essential part of this, ensuring the road is not always a smooth one.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote is true - “a smooth sea has never made a skillful sailor”.  BSM believes student needs to be taken out of their comfort zones, experience bumps in the road to develop resilience, and learn how to deal with them.

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