BSM hosts the South East Asia Math Competition (SEAMC)

Last year our Senior and Junior Maths teams traveled to Jakarta for the South East Asia Math Competition (SEAMC) and returned as senior champions. This was an outstanding achievement as SEAMC is the top international school maths competition in the region and attracts many of the biggest schools from the South East Asia. This year we had the pleasure of joint hosting the competition with Brent International School.


The British School Manila was proud to co-host the 2018 SEAMC International Mathematics competition from Thursday to Sunday, from 1st to 3rd of March 2018, splitting the competition days between Brent Manila and BSM.

Over 200 participants joined the event in Manila this year. The competition included team and individual elements, incorporating six different categories: Challenge, Knowledge, Collaboration, Strategy, Communication and Creativity. Various elements of Mathematics were included in the different rounds: Number, Algebra, Matrices, Sequences, Statistics and Probability, Geometry, Calculus, Creative and Abstract Problem Solving. The competition was a fantastic opportunity for BSM students to work collaboratively with mathematicians from different year groups, as well as engaging with others from around the region who share their enthusiasm for this subject.

2018 was only the second year BSM have participated in this prestigious competition. Starting the competition as the 2017 champions was a daunting task for the team... Would they be able to reach the high standards set in 2017 with a changed student line-up? Would co-hosting the event provide additional pressure for our BSM teams? Was 2017 a one-off with a lucky combination of questions and activities?

After some long days and late evenings, with much hard work from the BSM participants, our students were delighted to retain the team title for 2018, champions for the second consecutive year. It is wonderful to know that our Mathematicians have the depth of skills and talent to compete against the best in the region.


Congratulations to our BSM South East Asian Mathematics Competition competitors!

Below are some of the result highlights:

Warry Cup winners

  • BSM (retain), for total overall points average across senior and junior teams

Golden Ticket winners

  • Chris L., Vince T., Caroline T., Chris L., Daven Y., Matthew C., Ravi Ba., Julian Y. and Tiffany O., providing these students with an invitation to the World Mathematics Competition in Melbourne in June 2018 - given to the best 24 in junior and best 24 in senior)

Black Ribbon Medal winners

  • Matthew C., Ravi B,, Julian Y. (1st individual) and Tiffany O. - Awarded to the top 4 for the seniors, top 7 for juniors. Julian won the individual by a huge margin.

Challenge Medal winners (red ribbons)

Junior Silver - Ravi B.

Senior Gold - Julian Y.

Strategy Medal winners (yellow ribbons)

Junior Gold - Chris L.

Senior Gold - Julian Y.

Senior Silver - Daven Y.

Communication Medal winners (blue ribbons)

Junior Gold – Chris L., Ravi B., Vince T.

Senior Gold – Julian Y., Daven Y., Tiffany O.

Knowledge Medal winners (purple ribbons)

Senior Bronze - Tiffany O.

Senior Gold - Julian Y.

Collaboration Medal winners (green ribbons)

Senior Gold - Julian Y.

Creativity Medal winners (Orange ribbons)

Junior Gold - Matthew C.

Senior Silver - Julian Y.