CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Donation

CARA is an animal welfare organisation which operates a low-cost clinic and promote spaying and neutering and responsible pet ownership. Year 8 student Zoe has been volunteering at CARA, and raising money to support their work. On Saturday, she delivered a cheque for Php 32,802.00, which will be used to buy food and medicine for the cats and dogs they care for. This money was raised by Zoe and others at BSM events, including Bonfire Night. A huge congratulations to Zoe for spearheading this initiative, and to your further work with CARA. If anyone is interested in finding out more about CARA, and volunteering, please visit: CARA.

By Zoe, Year 8

“On Saturday 17 March, I went with my Mum and brother to CARA to deliver a cheque for Php 32,802, meet the volunteers at CARA and the adorable cats. Thank you to everyone who helped.”