PTA AGM 2017

Those of us who have been with The British School Manila for a number of years recognise both the importance of this group and the quality of their work which directly impacts the entire community.

In many schools the role of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is simply to raise money and help families support the school. At BSM the role is more central to what makes BSM unique. Our PTA provides opportunities for families, students and staff to come together, arrange events and, most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. Our PTA has this down to a fine art.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a super example of this. Not a conventional AGM when a meeting is held and data is shared, instead a party where data is shared and individuals are thanked; a subtle difference but a difference that makes the PTA a fun evening instead of just a dull meeting.


The recent AGM comes ahead of several school events, including Bonfire Night and then the Fête, at which our PTA will actively be encouraging all of us to interact with and support our children.  

In recognition of the continuously great work of our PTA, I would ask you to take the opportunity to thank them when you get a chance, and please make sure you attend all the upcoming events.

Thank you!

Simon Mann

Head of School

The British School Manila