Year 3 Tackles the Issue of Deforestation

The British School Manila’s Year 3 students held an exciting and engaging assembly on 9th March 2018 about the current issue of deforestation, both in the Philippines and globally. The children touched on the importance of trees and plant life, highlighting some of the threats forests face.

The Year 3 children will continue to deliver their message by doing their bit for the environment.  Building on their tree planting experiences on their recent residential, they now intend to set up their own Bio-Intensive Garden. They aim to plant and look after a variety of nutritional crops and set up a link with their service learning partner, Missionaries of the Poor, to engage with the very real issue of food security and malnutrition.

Overall, they hope that the audience went away with a greater awareness of these issues that threaten beautiful forest areas here in the Philippines and around the world, as well as having an opportunity to reflect on some of the sustainability issues raised.

I had fun in Siniloan and I enjoyed the tree planting. I’ve learned that plants help in many ways and a lot of people have no choice about cutting down trees. - Vidit, Year 3

I liked planting the trees in Siniloan and learning how to help the trees grow. I liked being a talking tree in the assembly because I love nature. - Melchior

I worked hard to learn my lines for this assembly. I am now really looking forward to helping our year group plant and grow edible crops in our Bio-Intensive Garden. - Eros

I have learned that it’s bad to cut down too many trees and not replace them. I really enjoyed delivering my lines in the assembly! - Chloe