Year 3 Trip to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

On Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Year 3 students packed their bags and boarded buses to venture out into the countryside to experience learning beyond classroom walls. The trip to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was designed to support their new unit on Plants. IRRI aims to reduce poverty, make rice growth more sustainable, tackle climate change and to empower women more in the process of rice production.

Our students had several hands on experiences; ploughing rice paddies using both the traditional carabao method and then several mechanised methods. They then planted rice seedlings in the prepared rice paddies. A very muddy but 'awesome' experience, to use the most popular adjective heard throughout.

After a picnic lunch, students visited the museum and saw the history of rice cultivation and learnt about the importance of rice as a food source. The students gained a real appreciation of what is involved in rice production and the research to ensure sustainable food sources. The learning from the trip was highlighted in the following comment from one of the students…‘The next time I have my bowl of rice I will think about how much work they did to make it...I didn't know that so much work was needed...I love eating rice.’

Here are some quotes from our Year 3 students:

"On the way to IRRI, I was very excited but also a bit nervous because I have never been there. My favourite activity was when we ploughed the soil. This trip made me overcome my fears and also taught me to take more risks. Most of all, I had fun."- Lance

"IRRI was awesome! We got to plough the fields and replant the rice seedlings! And we got muddy! We went on a tractor and we saw
different types of rice."- Kelvin

"I thought that the IRRI trip was absolutely brilliant because  I got to experience how to plough fields and plant seedlings. I also got to find out what a farmer’s life is really like."- Gracie

"I have really enjoyed the trip to IRRI because of the new experience and learning more about the rice and the hard work people do for us. My favourite part was when I was in the station with the carabao because I like animals."- Nina

A fabulous field trip that took children out of their comfort zone and provided great experiential learning.

The British School Manila