Year 6 Residential Trip to Corregidor Island | The British School Manila

On Monday 13 February 2017, all of Year 6 boarded the ferry for their 2017 Corregidor adventure. On arrival, we headed straight out for a guided tour of the island. The children were given details of the history of the island and the key role it played during WWII. We were able to enter the Malinta Tunnel and get an understanding of how important it was during the War. The visit to the museum, with an opportunity to see weapons, photographs and other artefacts, was one of the day's highlights, along with some carefully crafted skits to amuse us all during the evening.


After breakfast on the second day we went on a hike around the island, exploring the old barracks, gun batteries and hospital. Exploring the Japanese Tunnel and 'Duck Walk' Tunnels were highlights for many.  We also had time to look at how the island is affected by pollution coming from Manila, conducting a survey of the litter and a sketch of the coastline. In the evening, we went, armed with our torches, into the Malinta Tunnel and we were able to write our diaries by torchlight.

All our students from The British School Manila were given opportunities to push themselves outside their comfort zones and their new experiences and knowledge will help them in their continued study of WWII in the Pacific.

Here are a few student reflections on their visit:

“In Corregidor we visited lots of historic monuments and toured around Corregidor island. My favourite activity was going into the Japanese Tunnel and climbing up the steep, rocky, slippery stairs. I was very proud of myself for conquering my fear of the pitch black in the Malinta Tunnel when we had to walk without any light.” - Lorenzo

“Corregidor wasn't just a field trip to learn about World War II, we actually felt empathy about how the soldiers must have felt during that time. We learnt a lot about our topic there and put all the puzzle pieces together about the war.”- Dylan

“Corregidor was an amazing trip. My highlight was visiting the Malinta Tunnel at night and writing a diary entry from soldier's point of view. I also enjoyed performing a skit with my group and watching the other groups, close to our bonfire.” - Mario 

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