Guidance and Counselling

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The School Guidance Counsellor provides confidential support to our students, teachers and school community. The prime goal of the Counsellor is to be a confidential advocate for each student through individual or group counselling sessions that cover a broad range within the social, educational, developmental, emotional and behavioural areas.

The School Guidance Counsellor is involved in:

• Supporting and being responsive to students when dealing with personal issues.
• Following up on student-referrals from teachers or parents.
• Liaising with the Learning Support Department.
• Safety and child protection issues.
• Crisis management and intervention.
• Parental education and support; either individually or through workshops.
• Student mentoring education programmes.
• The integration and settling in of new students to the school.
• Transition programmes.


Careers and Higher Education Office

Services offered: 

Assessment Services

  • The Careers and Higher Education Office offers a wide range of assessment services to assist students in their overall decision making process.  Assessments include standardised testing utilising learning styles, personality styles, as well as career inventories that are correlated to ensure that the career path chosen by a student is correct.
  • In addition, the Careers Office is in charge of administering all College Board standardised testing at The British School Manila.

Academic counselling

  • The Careers and Higher Education Office offers academic counselling to students entering General Certificate  of Secondary Education  (GCSE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). Focusing on students strengths and in line with assessments, students are advised to attend a particular set of courses that not only highlight strengths, but also gives them breadth in line with their career preferences as well as their preferred country of matriculation.

University and Careers Counselling

  • The Careers and Higher Education office offers University and Careers Counselling in line with the student's preferred career track, country of choice, and university list. Counselling is given in terms of current performance and predictions given by teachers, to give each student the best possible options for university. 

Placement of Students

The British School Manila has a strong track record of placing students in some of the top universities around the world, with a good number of students going to their first choice schools.